Second Flight with K

Unfortunately, this weekend my parents were unable to visit; due strangely enough to more than a foot of snow in S.C. So I did not get to take them flying today as was planned. But I DID get to take the wife, circlek, up again which is a great consolation prize any day (sorry, K). ;)

We got in 1.0 hours; with the attitude indicator not working for the last bit of the flight (see image).
We hopped over to West Point to get a landing in. It needed to be a full stop landing as the airplane wanted to float further than I wanted it to. But the full stop was nice because we were able to see the airport a little closer up than a touch-and-go allows, and K was able to get a feel for what it is like to taxi an airplane since there was plenty of empty taxiway to crawl on. She did very well. I hope to convince her to get her certificate as well, especially if we ever actually buy our own plane.

After taking off from West Point we simply flew back to the Williamsburg area and got a few shots of our office building. Then we headed back to the JGG field with a decent on-the-numbers landing. I have decided that K is my good-landing good-luck charm since I have a good record on landings when she is on board. I'm sure that record will be broken soon enough though.

The JGG landing was not without its spice though. We had a temporary runway incursion from an ultralight when we were 100 ft from touching down. I did a quick "on final" radio call and he either heard it or saw us coming at him because he went into the grass immediately. We were never in danger of hitting each other really; he was down the runway far enough that I had loads of time to stop before reaching him. But it was interesting regardless.

Since JGG is under construction right now a lot of people think they have to back-taxi to get to runway 31 just as the ultralight was doing. I thought that too, when I first started flying there.
The taxiway to 31 is at the end of the far ramp, in a place that cannot be seen from any distance away. That has led to quite a few unnecessary back-taxis to 31. Once the construction is over though there should be no need for any back-taxi, which will be nice.

I have plans to start on my instrument rating in a couple of weeks.


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