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IFR flight #2

Today Charles and I went over some of the preflight stuff once more, as a refresher, and reviewed the basics of instrument flight (straight and level, standard rate turns, ... ). This was after I wrestled with the hood for a bit, quickly deciding that I like the foggles better. I had hoped the hood would block more of the outside world than the foggles, but it didn't and was harder to manage. The new things we looked at were: constant rate climbs and descents, constant rate and airspeed climbs and descents, doing each of those while turning, and timed turns. The two most challenging aspects of today's flight were the constant airspeed and rate climbs and descents, and trying to time turns while doing those. I felt almost overwhelmed, especially in the latter task. But that is the point: to push my ability to manage multiple variables at once, since parts of IFR flights have many simultaneous tasks, such as climbing turns while listening to ATC and having passengers ask quest

Aviation OOPS

Saw this link online yesterday: the "oops" list .

IFR flight #1

I worked with Charles Tucker for the first time today starting on my Instrument Training. Today's lesson focused on using the instruments to maintain straight and level flight as well as constant speed climbs and descents. We also combined a couple of turns with a climb or descent. At the very end of the lesson Charles simulated a vacuum failure by covering up the attitude and heading indicators. That caused me to struggle a bit with maintaining my heading, but only by 10 degrees for a minute or so. The air was nice and calm, which helped me a good bit. From time to time I was able to maintain straight and level on the right numbers for 20 seconds at a time! :) My landing left much be desired, mainly because I was doing a pattern that Charles got me to change, due to noise restrictions - I just did a bad job of adapting. Hopefully I can perform a bit better on that VFR aspect next time.

Flying with Maciek

Maciek and I got to fly a bit this afternoon; for 0.8 hours in 99A. We took off on runway 31 and headed over to my neighborhood. From there we went north to the middle peninsula and down it to the Coleman bridge. From there we flew back towards Maciek's neighborhood and then landed back at JGG. We had a great time, there was a decent bit of wind, but it was down the runway and caused little trouble (just a tiny bounce on the landing). There was a little chop in the air starting at 3100 feet but at 3000 feet all was smooth. Maciek took some video which I plan to add to my collection later. :)

Flying with Dad Miller

My parents were in town this weekend so on Sunday morning my Dad and I went for a quick 1.0 hour flight in 99A - taking me to 150 hours total time. The weather was terrific for flying; calm winds, 45 degree temps, and sunny. We flew over my neighborhood and then over to Newport News for a touch-and-go. Then we headed back to the Chickahominy river, where hwy 5 crosses it, and turned back for a landing on 13 at JGG. My dad took about 15 minutes of film footage on his new Sony camcorder and I used a firewire cable to transfer it over to my powerbook. I promise the landing was not a rough as the camera view makes it look. :) My parents also brought up a late Christmas present: SimPed F-16+ rudders for my flight simulator setup. I haven't been able to configure the tow brakes yet, and the positioning of the pedals under my desk needs some work, but the rudders are working well so far.