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Getting my fix again

After a full month of no flying (as PIC) I was starting to really itch to get back in the air again. My schedule and the weather had conspired against me for a while, but today I was finally able to get 1.2 hours in. In addition to testing some of the latest ForeFlight software, I was able to grab a few pictures of the family's newest addition - an aluminum dock at the lake house. The dock was built and installed by Alumadock of Henderson, NC. It should come in handy for docking the newest edition to our family's transportation collection - the good ship USS ForeFlight: We've had that jet ski up to about 65MPH so far - on calm water. I don't think it will go any faster than that, but I'm quite fine with that. :) The previous owner said it will tow skiers nicely and the little bit of knee-boarding we've done with it so far confirms that. I flew down to the lake area at 5,500' - just enough to remain under the clouds. This had at least 2 benefits - the

Some Sun n' Fun

Some of us ForeFlighters made the voyage down to KLAL last weekend to spend some time at Sun n Fun. This was my first trip to the show and I was lucky enough to go in super-style. I caught a ride in a friend's JetProp turboprop. Here's the GPS track for our landing. That was by far the most nerve racking approach I have ever experienced. We had to fit into a line of smaller aircraft all making the same visual approach. We flew over the smoke stacks as stated in the approach description and then started looking for nearby aircraft. Quickly we found RV-6s and Cessnas all around and Doug, our pilot, settled in behind an RV in front of us. For a while we had aircraft beside us and one VERY close behind us but over a minute or so they sorted themselves out into a line. We started playing follow the leader with the aircraft in front until they missed the turn toward the airport. We discussed for a moment whether to follow them or go ahead and make the proper turn. Doug made