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Austin trip

Most of my recent flights haven't been much to write home about.  Primarily flight testing ForeFlight stuff during local trips,  but I did take a long trip out to Austin.  That's the furthest I have flown west, and it took roughly 6 hours to get out there (with a fuel stop midway). I got to spend some time with fellow ForeFlight coders at the Redbird SkyPort.  It's a gorgeous place for airplane geeks to hang out. We got some flight testing in while we were all together.  Here's a shot of that in a lovely Mooney. Here's a shot of us coding the next version of ForeFlight Mobile in the SkyPort.  After a while, we got pretty good at not being distracted by the Ovation in the hangar. I also got to fly a couple of "real" approaches (i.e. there were lots of clouds around) which was a ton of fun.  Such a feeling of accomplishment when you punch out of the clouds and ease in for a landing in WX that few others fly in. Last week I went up for a q