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Cirrus travels

A week ago John flew down in the SR22 with a neighbor/friend Mike and Mike's son, Adam, to give me a lift up to Williamsburg. I did a quick preflight while the guys had some lunch and then, once we were all aboard, I cranked up the engine. I had a tough time cranking it, mainly due to not enough priming, but before too long we were heading east at 3000' to avoid CLT airspace. After letting Adam fly for a few minutes I called up CLT to get an IFR clearance. Once we flew around the CLT airspace we were finally allowed to point directly to Williamsburg and climb up into the cooler air at 7000'. Eventually we went up to 9000' to avoid a cloud layer and try to cool off a little more. After descending through the clouds near Williamsburg, I handed the reigns off to Adam who flew us through a little rain and then down to the traffic pattern. He did a great job and handed me the airplane just in time to add some flaps before turning to a right base leg. We all told Adam he