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Slow Teleportation

I made good use of my pilot's license today. I woke up at five and got myself ready to go.  Drove 10m to the airport and preflighted the airplane. Took off before dawn and picked up my IFR clearance airborne while looking at the glowing Charlotte skyline. From there it was a 2 hour flight to Gaithersburg (which was the closest airport the government will let me fly into for my Washington D.C. destination).  Got my rental car and drove the hour or so into town.  Attended the meeting and then drove in a bit of traffic back to Gaithersburg.  At 5:45 PM I was cranked up with my IFR clearance in hand and taxied out to the runway.  2.5 hours later I was landing at home and putting the airplane back to bed after having watched the sun set over thin clouds in North Carolina. It was a 15hr day, but had me traveling 750 miles to get somewhere far away and back in time to eat dinner at home.  Amazing.  Hard work, but amazing! This was my first time flying into the SFRA (restricted

Critical Decision Making Seminar

I'll be hosting a CDM at KUZA on Dec 1 for anyone interested in flying in and taking part in a scenario-based discussion of aviation. It will use Cirrus aircraft for examples, but applies to all GA pilots.   Check this out for details.  Please register here , as we have limited room available.  Hope to see you there!