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Amazing aerial photos

I stumbled on this site with Aerial Photos today (thanks to Just click on one of the five images shown on that page to see all the incredible aerial photos! Man, my photos look so lame compared to those. :)

First Solo IFR Flight (in VFR)

Today I did my first solo flight under an IFR flight plan. It went really well, helped in no small part by very still, cold air. I went to RIC and did the ILS34 approach. From there I shot the full VOR approach into New Kent (W96) and then the VOR back into JGG for 1.5 hours of engine-running time. The ILS went really well, I had it on "rails" all the way down to decision height. Once it was trimmed up the airplane flew right down the glideslope without much help needed from me. The rest of the approaches went well too, though I did come in a little high on my circle-to-land into JGG. I'd rather be too high than too low any day though. :) Things I learned/relearned today: If you are getting "vectored-to-final" you don't have to do the procedure turn Entering the hold (an approach hold/PT) counts as the procedure turn (you don't have to do a full loop unless you need to lose altitude or need time to get setup - any extra loops require ATC notificati

No real flying this weekend - C172R sim instead

I wanted to fly with a friend this weekend but Saturday was a bit too windy and today was worse, with snow. So instead, I bought the 172R simulation from Flight1 and did the flight using it. I have enjoyed that airplane model so far; fits with the plane I fly in real life much better than the 172 that comes with Flight Sim (I think that one is a 172SP?).

Piper Meridian flight sim model

For Christmas I received the Flight1 Piper Meridian model for Flight Sim 2004. I only recently had my joystick working again (my computer has been in Doom3 and Half-life 2 mode for quite a while) and started playing with the new airplane today. I have to say I am impressed with Flight1's handiwork. They have created what appears to be an excellent simulation of the Meridian; not that I have first hand knowledge (what does that plane cost, $1.5M)?! I have flown a couple of flights so far, both terminating in an ILS approach, and found that I was quickly able to get the hang of it with the help of the included documentation. I also got the DVD movie with it that shows an actual Meridian flight in WA state. The DVD was pretty good but is a little dry; only made for true enthusiasts. I plan to look closely at their 172R model and the USA Roads package as well.