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Recent flights

I've flown a couple of times since my last post - both solo and both just local flights. The first was to check out the infestation of duckweed on the pond we have down in Fairfield county. We had plans to get down there for the weekend and I wanted to learn how much duckweed we'd have to treat. I found it about 60% covered which wasn't great. After talking to my Dad about it, we decided to buy some Talapia fish to stock the pond. The hope is that after putting 1000+ small Talapia in the pond they will start to eat the duckweed and make a dent in it. We've been spraying chemicals for years with only minimal benefit. Hopefully the au -naturale method will work. Either that, or the bass will get lots of fish food. This morning I went out early to visit an old haunt - KFQD in N.C. It is just south of the mountain foothills so there's some very nice scenery to take in. The flight went great, especially my landing at FQD . Unfortunately my landing was less