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A bit about my Granddad

A few articles about my Grandad, Harry Miller Sr.  He was a Navy pilot that flew in WWII. ---- Springstein Plant  ENSIGN HARRY MILLER WRITES OF RESCUING AIRPLANE CREW AT SEA  Likely ~Early 1943 We've mentioned Springstein's red-haired hero, Ensign Harry Miller, several time in The Springs Bulletin and a recent letter of his relates a very interesting experience:  "We left Ascension on the way to South America and had been out about an hour and a half when we picked up a faint SOS. We knew what it was — A-20 was lost the day before and was ditched when it ran out of gas. They didn't know where to look for the crew though. Anyway, we took a bearing on the radio and headed on the course; in about 20 minutes we saw a white balloon and there they were — two men in a rubber life raft. There is a little radio in those boats and you fasten an antenna to a little white balloon filled with gas and it holds the wire up. The radio will transmit for two hou