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Seaplanes, Quadcopters

I'm not too far from 900 hours of total flight time, and the last few months of flying have been great. I shot a couple of fairly low approaches in IFR, made a few long cross countries, flew myself to Maine for the first trip I've made to the northeast, flown in an Eclipse jet, R44 helicopter, and a Bonanza, and even had my first seaplane lesson. I was recently recommended to take this online course to learn more about aircraft piston engines, and I really enjoyed it. In my non-flying free time I've been gaining experience in R/C aviation by building  foam board fixed wing aircraft  and flying a camera around under a  Phantom 2  quadcopter. During a recent visit up to Maine I got to combine some full scale flying with some R/C camera work.  Check out this video to see the result: