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A little practice

I had a month's rust to knock off, so I grabbed the local rental C172 today to get some practice time in. First I flew over to the house where K took this shot from the ground up: Then I flew over to KSPA for a quick landing and turn around. Here's a shot from my iPhone on the way back: The real purpose of this flight though was to test out a new product we have nearly completed for ForeFlight: ForeFlight Checklist. It did a terrific job - I gave it a 9/10. As in always the case with software, I was able to come up with a few ideas for later versions as well as some tweaks to the default C172S checklist.

How to not support your customers

Last week I got it in my head to get new road maps for my Garmin GPSMap 296. It has been about 4 years since I did that, so I figured it was about time. I started out by going to Garmin's website and going to the "update maps" page. I had to type in my device's serial number. I'm not sure which number that is because it is not labeled on the device, but I eventually figure it out. I enter it and am told "no updates available". Strike 1 - 5 minutes wasted. I take a different route - this time I go to the product page for my GPS. There they have a link for City Navigator, but it is for Windows only. I am looking for the Mac version. Strike 2 - 7 minutes wasted I go to the maps store and find City Navigator NT for the Mac. Apparently the non-NT version is not available for the Mac. I have no clue why there is an NT and non-NT version. The NT product page says it supports my GPS, but the GPS page was trying to get me to buy the non-NT version. I