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Oshkosh in the Cirrus

I got the chance to attend AirVenture (Oshkosh) this year as an exhibitor - we ForeFlight-ers had our first booth ever at the biggest general aviation airshow there is! My dad joined me for the flight up to Osh. We flew on an IFR flight plan from KUZA up to KCEV first, for a cheap fuel and bathroom stop. A CFI was manning the small FBO there and gave me great instructions on parking by the self-serve pumps - he went so far as to pump the gas for us before he started a lesson with a student. He wouldn't accept the tip I tried to give him, instead he set me up in his office so I could check the weather. They're giving southern hospitality a run for its money up there! The airport was gorgeous, surrounding by lush farmland, but we didn't have time to soak it in - soon we were blasting off for KFLD (Fond du lac) and talking to Dayton approach to pick up our clearance. As we neared Chicago they routed us well west of the airport, adding 10-15 minutes of flight time to the

Grady's first flight

Just like his older brother, Grady's first flight was in a Cirrus SR22 - in style! I flew the family over to Anderson to drop them off for a visit with the grandparents. I got a bit of IFR practice in, which I enjoyed, and the kids got to see their grandparents a few days earlier than if they waited to drive! I posted a couple of pictures on Facebook . When shooting the approach into KAND I had to get some radio relay help to talk to Greer Approach - I guess they don't have a repeater near Lake Hartwell. That added a bit of spice to the approach as I worked with a guy in a Piper to relay my IFR cancelation request. Glad that Piper flying gentleman came to my rescue. ;) The return trip home was good practice as well - the clouds had built even more then and I was right in the thick of them. When I hopped off of KAND and called up Greer they immediately knew I was looking for a clearance and just started rattling it off to me - that made it nice and easy as I was climbing