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Moved to Austin

It's been a long time since I updated my blog, but we've been quite busy. We recently moved to Austin and have been settled here for about a month. Getting out here was interesting as it was the first time we've moved such a distance.  We ended up splitting it across a three day period, after having moved out of the old house (a feat in and of itself). Our family of 4 piled into the SUV, hooked up a trailer, and headed west. We stopped after ~6 hours of driving each day to sleep in a hotel. It worked out pretty well, but we were really happy to have that behind us once we were finally in the new house.  To get the Cirrus out here I enlisted the help of one of my instructors. He spent a morning getting it out to KGTU in Georgetown and I met him there to give him a lift to the commercial airport. I managed to find a community hangar to put the plane in so that it could stay out of the weather.

Legoland with the family!

Just had a long weekend down in FL with the family, capped with great flights to and from.  Here's a brief moment on the way home:

L-39 training at Jetwardbird

We went on the trip of a lifetime out to Santa Fe to fly the L-39. Day 1 was ground school, day 2 was flight time! We did stalls, loops, max speed (~400 kts) and plenty of landings.