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New ForeFlight Desktop version - 2.0

Today we released a new version of ForeFlight Desktop after more than a year of development. ForeFlight is an aviation weather application that helps you get a quick view of the conditions at an airport. We made lots of improvements for this release, many of which were customer suggestions! Check out our site to learn more. We posted a classified ad in Flight Training magazine (May/June issues) and plan to do a press release very soon. We will celebrate tonight! And then it's time to work on the Apple OS X release, which should come soon.

IFR to Asheville, NC

This weekend we flew ~3 hours in the C-172 to Asheville, NC. The rest of the Miller family was out there for a bit of vacation time and we had a mind to join them. JGG was fairly busy for a Friday @ 2pm. There were about 5 police choppers at the field with what I assumed were some of their pilots upstairs in the terminal meeting one another. There were also various fixed-wingers coming and going. K started the preflight while I bought the required charts for the trip. Since there was a slight threat of T-storms and already plenty of building clouds in the area I filed IFR and picked up the appropriate approach plates, sectionals, and low-altitude enroute charts. I filed my flight plan with “VFR GPS on board” in the remarks and nothing in the route (direct route). I wanted to see if I could get a direct route with no IFR GPS (pilots I trust had already told me it was quite OK). Preflight and bathroom breaks complete, we started out to runway 13. I stopped in my normal engine ru