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Last solo Cirrus flight - for a while

This morning I snuck out to the airport nice and early to avoid the persistently windy conditions we have had recently. The goal was one last flight solo in the beautiful Cirrus SR22 Turbo I have been blessed to fly so often these last few months. I took my time with the preflight. If anyone had asked me why I would have told them it was because I hadn't flown her in a month, but the real reason was that I was simply soaking in the privilege. I kept her in the hangar to stay out of the 25 degree temps so I wouldn't feel rushed. Just as she has been since she was first built, she was in near perfect condition. I opened the hangar door all the way up and watched the sun's rays slide up the cowling. I grabbed the tow bar and leaned back to put some weight in the direction I wanted her to roll. Out on the ramp I ran to drop the hangar door and get back to the cockpit before the cold sank in. I threw my winter coat in the back seat, closed the cockpit door, and grabbed my

Down to First Flight

I tagged along with John as he gave a newly-wed couple quite a wedding present - a quick ride in the Cirrus down to Kitty Hawk to kick start their honeymoon! I rode backseat for the trip down and then took the reigns for the trip back home. On the way down we flew out over the coast and past Kitty Hawk down to loop around Cape Hatteras. They recently moved the lighthouse 1/2 a mile from the shore as erosion was to the point where waves would hit the lighthouse at times.