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Surveillance approach

This morning I got up early to take a short flight over to KGMU for the Southeast Aviation show . The flight didn't start too well when I couldn't get Charlotte Clearance to respond on the radio. I tried multiple times, on each radio, and got a good radio check from the local UNICOM. After waiting until the hour changed over to 8 AM (thinking maybe someone on break might be back then) I gave up and called flight service on the phone. They were able to get me a clearance after about 8-9 minutes. Most days I would have taken off without clearance and gotten it airborne. But today had clouds around 500' so I couldn't do that maneuver. Once I got through the clouds Approach was their usual helpful selves and had me pointed to Greenville in no time. The Greer Approach controller asked if I would do a Surveillance approach into GMU so he could practice it. I said sure, but that I had never done one before. He explained it to me, and it was what I remembered - essentia