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Citation Mustang Flight

Well, it's been a year since I posted an update here. Since then I have moved to TX and added maybe 80 hours of flight time to my (ForeFlight) logbook in the Cirrus. Not taking many long trips now that I live closer to fellow ForeFlight folks, but I have had a few good trips back and forth to Houston and my total flight hours is nearing 1,000. Our company has grown considerably over these last 12 months (we're around 80 people now) and being able to chat in person with more folks has been helpful. I got the chance to fly a PC-12 a few months ago and enjoyed it. That plane is especially enjoyable in the back cabin, as there is loads of room. It is a nice balance of speed, comfort, and endurance. I spent a fair bit of time in a Piper Meridian too, and enjoyed it.  It's not the fastest or roomiest Jet-A powered plane, but is quite nice for the price. Last week however, I got the chance to fly a Citation Mustang on two flights, start to finish. While I have an hour or