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Cirrus SR22 Turbo training - Day 1

Well, my airport buddies have given me a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get access to their SR22 Turbo for a while and I am happily taking them up on the offer. Moving from a 1968 C172 to a 2006 SR22T will be quite a fun challenge. I've gotten a lot of right seat time in the SR22, thanks to those same generous gents, but only an hour of left seat time with about 3 landings under my belt. In order to get insured for the airplane I need to take a transition course under the tutelage of a CSIP instructor. Today I did the majority of the ground school with my instructor. We spent the time going over the ~50 page worksheet I filled out as he quizzed me about the systems on the airplane. We had planned to fly but the weather prevented it. Next steps: spend another day doing a few cross-countries. We will do scenario-based training, trying to make it as life like as possible. Here's a few pics of the gorgeous machine: