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First tiny steps toward building a simpit

I have wanted to build my own flight sim for decades now and have finally started on the process. Followed this video to get my first Arduino pro micro working as a simple joystick with buttons in windows Did a manual install of dcs-input-command-injector-master since I could not get OvGME to work Was able to get a 2 position and 3 position switch working for the A10c2

Hiking to Rocky Peak in Steamboat Springs

Did a great hike today that is not in the commonly used hiking apps.  The trail is generally easy to see, though there were times that we lost it.  There are plenty of bushes and undergrowth draping over the trail, so bring long pants. Leg gaiters might be nice too, just to protect your legs a bit. Many parts of the trail are actually drainage ditches.   Here's a KML file from our trip down - we followed the trail much better after learning what to avoid on the way up. We went right after a thunderstorm had come through the previous night, so got pretty soaked due to the plants being wet.   Found the path to the top and saw 2 moose along the way - gorgeous views for the entire trek.  2 miles to get to the top from the parking near the hot springs with about 1800' of elevation gain.  Certainly not a beginner's hiking trail, but not a problem for those with some experience (and lungs that are used to the altitude).