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Learning the G1000

My local flight school recently got access to a 2008 C172 G1000. They've had a Avidyne Cirrus SR20 in the past, on leaseback I assume, but it was no longer available by the time I moved to the area. It was quite pricey per hour so I would only have flown it a little bit. My hope is that this new C172 will be available for a while. Being the optimist I am, I have started the required transition training to be allowed to fly the G1000 equipped airplane solo. The fact that I am nuts for glass panels has nothing to do with my optimism, I'm sure. :) The flight school hooked me up with King School's CD-based transition course: Cleared to fly the G1000. I'm not a big fan of the King's presentation style. The thing that bothers me the most about their style is that they do a half-laugh occasionally, and at odd times, as if you are supposed to find that pushing a certain button at a particular time is humorous. Maybe their acting coach told them that puts the studen