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Annual Drop-Off

I took the plane over to GMU for our annual inspection today.  On the way over I went through a couple of engine test procedures that Savvy MX , our maintenance advisors, want recorded every once in a while. The first is a GAMI Lean test.  This one has you start with the mixture around 100 degrees rich of peak (ROP) EGT (exhaust gas temperature) and slowly, over 3-4 minutes, leaning the mixture until the engine gets rough.  Then you slowly reverse the process and richen back to 100 ROP.  Once the plot of this is viewed online, you can see how different the fuel flows were when each of the 6 cylinders peaked and went lean, etc. This helps find and debug problems with fuel nozzles or the induction system.  For instance, if one cylinder's fuel injector is injecting slightly less fuel than it should be, that cylinder will go "peak" sooner than the rest.  For smooth operation when running lean of peak (which offers best economy and range) you want the cylinders to experien