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A windy time

I went up this afternoon for my first flight in about 3 weeks. It was pretty windy today, with gusts up to 21 knots when I took off from runway 2. The winds were out of 310 so there was a pretty good crosswind but the takeoff was only a little more interesting than usual. I kept a bit too much left aileron in at liftoff so I started to slide over to the left side of the runway after the wheels came up. A little correction had me back over the center line and I rode the bumpy roller coaster on up to 3000 feet. I just flew around the local area for almost an hour, seeing the sites. I was happy to have the autopilot working for me because it was a constant struggle to maintain altitude. I encountered plenty of 300 ft/min updrafts/downdrafts but the autopilot stayed on top of it very nicely. I would not have wanted to do a check ride on a day like that. I flew the ILS to return to the airport and had a 13-15 kt crosswind to work against. On approach my airspeed was all over the pl