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Minimal P.I.C.

Today I tagged along with Krista while she practiced some landings. I took the reigns right around dusk to practice a right-seat landing. As we started to roll onto the runway, Krista pointed out a deer on the far end, just right of the pavement. I continued the takeoff roll, feeling I could liftoff before that point. As we got closer and the warmer temps of the day kept us below takeoff speed, visions started flashing in my head: the deer running right in front of us the prop hitting it the horrendous mess it would make the airplane swerving from the impact and, lastly, me, K and some other airport folks stand by the airplane in the grass looking at the damage So when the deer darted out into the middle of the runway I was ready to abort. I yanked the power to idle, asked K to make a "Aborted takeoff" call to the folks waiting behind us to depart, and started to apply brakes (and air brakes in the form of full-back elevator). We made the next taxiway, just in time to