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A bit about my Granddad

A few articles about my Grandad, Harry Miller Sr.  He was a Navy pilot that flew in WWII. ---- Springstein Plant  ENSIGN HARRY MILLER WRITES OF RESCUING AIRPLANE CREW AT SEA  Likely ~Early 1943 We've mentioned Springstein's red-haired hero, Ensign Harry Miller, several time in The Springs Bulletin and a recent letter of his relates a very interesting experience:  "We left Ascension on the way to South America and had been out about an hour and a half when we picked up a faint SOS. We knew what it was — A-20 was lost the day before and was ditched when it ran out of gas. They didn't know where to look for the crew though. Anyway, we took a bearing on the radio and headed on the course; in about 20 minutes we saw a white balloon and there they were — two men in a rubber life raft. There is a little radio in those boats and you fasten an antenna to a little white balloon filled with gas and it holds the wire up. The radio will transmit for two hou

Bose A20 headset

I recently purchase a Bose A20 headset, the newer model with bluetooth audio support.  This was after seeing it advertised many times over on FlightChops and  steveo1kinevo (adverts work, people!). I've been using a Lightspeed Zulu 2 for the last couple of years, so I was curious to compare it to the Bose.  I like the Bose much better.  Both have nice bluetooth audio setups, with volume controls on the headset cable and a mute vs mix mode for radio and music combinations.  The Bose was trivial to pair to my phone, as it booted up in pairing mode right away. The music quality was at least 10x better with the Bose.  It has actual bass, and much more dynamic range.  The zulu 2 always made music sound kind of distant to my ears. I also think the Bose is better at noise canceling by a small, but noticeable amount. The other win for the Bose is in comfort.  The clamping force is less on your skull and the ear cups are less bulky, meaning I don't easily bump the head

Citation Mustang Flight

Well, it's been a year since I posted an update here. Since then I have moved to TX and added maybe 80 hours of flight time to my (ForeFlight) logbook in the Cirrus. Not taking many long trips now that I live closer to fellow ForeFlight folks, but I have had a few good trips back and forth to Houston and my total flight hours is nearing 1,000. Our company has grown considerably over these last 12 months (we're around 80 people now) and being able to chat in person with more folks has been helpful. I got the chance to fly a PC-12 a few months ago and enjoyed it. That plane is especially enjoyable in the back cabin, as there is loads of room. It is a nice balance of speed, comfort, and endurance. I spent a fair bit of time in a Piper Meridian too, and enjoyed it.  It's not the fastest or roomiest Jet-A powered plane, but is quite nice for the price. Last week however, I got the chance to fly a Citation Mustang on two flights, start to finish. While I have an hour or