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Flying in Canada

For some ForeFlight work I spent a bit of time in Canada recently. We had the privilege to get some flying in, in a gorgeous C182 with a G1000. This was a tour of the capital area, complete with an overflight of downtown before landing (not something we'll ever do over the U.S. capital). We even caught a few glimpses of a concert below, with an impressive light show, and a video presentation that was shone on the Parliament central building. The flight was at sunset, and was one of those perfect flights - light winds, cool temps, perfect sky. I haven't had a flight like that since I used to live in Williamsburg and flew with my buddy John. It was a pretty interesting experience. The primary differences that popped out to me were: Instead of talking to the traffic in the area of the airport (CYND, Gatineau) we talked to "radio" (FSS) and told them our intentions. They gave us a heads up on other traffic and advisories on when to enter the runway. My unde

Simulator time, IPC, BFR

I just returned from a trip to KRYY where SimTrain has a full-motion Cirrus SR22 simulator. The goal for my visit was to review emergency procedures, like dealing with engine outs or electrical problems, while being able to actually experience them in a realistic, yet safe, fashion. Since the emergency procedures involved a good bit of instrument and basic fundamentals, we decided to combine it with an IPC, Instrument Proficiency Check, and a BFR, Biannual Flight Review. The former makes sure you are a competent pilot for flying in clouds, the latter is required every two years to keep your license "valid". I started the day yesterday with a 1.4hr flight to KRYY. I got a bit of instrument time in the first part of the flight, as the fog had only lifted 600 feet or so. By the halfway point the fog was clearing, but the haze kept the visibility down to 5 miles or so. I was given a straight-in approach to RYY which made for a convenient landing. I taxied over to the sout