A10-C Standby Compass: Final Setup

Got everything soldered together (after likely damaging one EasyDriver and moving to a backup) and squeezed it into the case.  At first I thought the compass wheel was much too high but then I realized the front bezel was installed upside down.

Used an Exacto knife to cut a piece of acrylic for the front glass and put a small vertical sticker on it to act as the reference line.  Not super pretty but works ok until I can cut with a laser instead (maybe an xTool).

Getting everything to fit was trickier than I expected, but it all worked out without too much rework required.  I used some 5.5mm x 2.1mm plugs for the 12v power plugs (tip/center was positive).  

For the aerial refueling LEDs I used some more LEDs that have resistors built-in.  They are made for 12v so will likely bit a little dim since I am powering them off the digital out 5v pins from the Nano.  Don't have a way to make the lens for those yet so will wait to see if that is the case.  So far so good though!

Since I had about 8 wires routed out of the compass box, once it was all setup, I lost track of which wire was which.  Had to pull the guts out again and zip tie groups of wires before reinstalling things.  Haven't found a good way to label these tiny 22AWG wires yet.

Designed a 3D printed back cover for the AR LEDs (in Fusion 360).


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