Thanksgiving travels

I flew the family down south to visit with my parents for the long weekend. We had a nice easy trip down, with a little headwind adding about 10 minutes to the trip time. I flew back today and had to go IFR due to a few different overcast layers.

Here's my shorthand for the clearance I was issued on the ground at KUZA:

That basically says to take up a heading of 130 after takeoff and expect to go direct to my destination shortly thereafter. I was cleared to 3000 feet with 7000 feet being issued within 10 mins of departure. The departure control frequency was 120.05 and the squawk code for the transponder was 7151. The :54 and 59 refer to the time that my clearance was valid. The Start -> LT is just to remind me that I started feeding from the left fuel tank and that I plan to switch after burning 12 gallons (the SR22 can have a max difference of 10 gallons between the wing tanks and I was 2 gallons heavier on the starting side). The 6100 was just a note I made so that I could file a PIREP on the cloud tops.

The flight was uneventful and quite fast, with a 30 knot tailwind at times. Here's a shot during the descent - 218 kts (250 MPH) along the ground!

I was the first person to land at JGG today and made a decent touchdown out of it. It was a great IFR flight to add to my experience. I got a good bit of actual IFR time and didn't have to worry too much about ice - the temps were almost as warm at 9000' as they were at the surface.

I plan to make a quick trip back down there over the weekend to pick K and Ev up to shuttle them back - it sure is nice having access to a FAST plane! :)


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